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Getting Started With Your ViewSonic Interactive TV

Updated: Feb 8

We are excited to launch our ViewSonic Interactive TV training materials! These materials contain informative videos, product guides, and interactive demos that will help you understand your new device, from installation to advanced features. We highly encourage you to explore and utilize these resources to enhance your knowledge of your ViewSonic Interactive TV and get some ideas on how to integrate it into your instruction!

Start by watching this quick video on how to get started:

1. Ceres EdTech YouTube Playlist: Featuring Ceres teachers using their interactive displays!

2. ViewSonic Interactive TV Tips & Tricks: Your one-stop-shop for some cool features! This contains a Table of Contents with video tutorials and resources!

3. Become a ViewSonic Certified Educator: Complete some challenges and earn an fancy ViewSonic digital badge!

Stay Techie,

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