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Desmos Fun: Name Project

Desmos is more than just a graphing tool—it's a gateway to interactive, hands-on learning experiences in mathematics. Desmos can empower students to explore mathematical concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and unleash their creativity. Recently, I had the pleasure of witnessing this firsthand in Mr. LaFountain's math class, where students embarked on an engaging Desmos activity known as the "Name Project."

The "Name Project" is a Desmos Classroom activity by Julia Anker designed to help students graph their names while incorporating mathematical functions. Each letter of their name is represented by a mathematical expression, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of shifting, distorting functions, and domain restrictions. This activity in Mr. LaFountain's class challenged students to utilize six predetermined functions, with the option to incorporate additional ones for added creativity and even animation!

Credit to "Name Project" by Julia Anker

How can you implement this activity in your class? Here are some ideas:

Early Finisher Activity: 

Use the Name Project activity as an engaging activity for students who finish their assignments early. It serves as a productive way to keep students actively learning while others complete their work.

Introduction to Desmos: 

Introduce students to Desmos by starting with the Name Project activity. It provides a fun and accessible entry point for students to explore the capabilities of the graphing tool and familiarize themselves with its interface.

Here is a resource to help you get started:

Have fun empowering students have fun with Desmos!

Special thanks to Mr. LaFountain and his math class at Central Valley High School for the visit.

Carefully crafted in collaboration with ChatGPT.

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