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Diffit for Differentiation

Diffit is a web based app that allows teachers to input text, search for a topic, or even draw information from PDFs, and differentiate it by grade level.  Using AI and search tools, it takes the passage, creates a vocabulary list, quiz questions (multiple choice and open ended questions), and also discussion questions.  It also allows the teacher to take the information and it will build slide templates, docs, etc.  

Source: Diffit For Teachers. (2024, March 25). What is Diffit? [Video]. YouTube

This is an incredibly powerful tool for teachers, but it would not be something that students would use.  Like many online applications, there is a free version, with limited ability and the premium version that gives all the bells and whistles (and from what I could find you can’t get individual premium versions; it seems to be limited to school sites.)

The video below is from a YouTube Channel I follow, the New EdTech Classroom that goes over the Diffit tool.

Source: New EdTech Classroom. (2024, February 26). Differentiate Any Resource with Diffit | AI for Teachers [Video]. YouTube.

Check out the resources below for a list of activity descriptions of Slides templates Diffit can generate for you and a video that steps you through how to use the template library!


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