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Check Student Success with Pear Assessment

With digital assessments becoming more commonplace, as well as making assessments more uniform across all content areas, utilize Pear Assessment, formerly known as Edulastic (*please note that like Edulastic, Pear Assessment is a paid subscription).  With Pear Assessment, you can create assessments for all curriculum, and make assessments with elements you could not do on other platforms/ methods. 

An Example of a Drag and drop question in Pear Assessment.

This assessment platform also gives the teacher an idea of what students are understanding in terms of standards, and analyzes student assessment data to see how each class or individual did on assessments.  Finally, since we are mostly familiar with Pear Deck, they also own this platform.

Example of summary dashboard for Pear Assessment.

To get started with Pear Assessment, check out these resources: Pear Assessment Getting Started Resources.

Stay Techie,

Ryan Uclaray

Mae Hensley Junior High

7th/ 8th Grade Science and Manufacturing

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