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Coming Soon! Google Workspace Plus Edition

We're excited to announce that next school year, we will be having new edition of Google Workspace - Google Workspace Plus! This enhanced version is designed specifically for teachers and education professionals, packed with powerful features to streamline workflow and elevate classroom productivity.

What's New in Google Workspace Plus?

Google Workspace Plus takes the beloved G Suite tools to the next level with exclusive education-focused capabilities such as:

🧑‍🏫Enhanced Google Classroom Features

🎥Advanced Video Conferencing on Google Meet

⏱️Time-Savers (AI Features that are Coming Soon)

  • AI-powered grading assistance to expedite feedback on writing assignments

  • Smart compose and grammar suggestions across G Suite apps

  • Simple lesson plan and curriculum builders with Google Docs and Sheets

  • Student participation and well-being tracking dashboard

Plus, all the core G Suite apps you know and love - Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and more - now supercharged for educators! Stay tuned for the official Google Workspace Plus launch coming soon to a classroom near you.

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