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Pairing Canva with WeVideo for Stunning Presentations

In an effort to utilize technology in a meaningful way with students, raising the bar of expectations when it comes to presentation means teaching students how to combine tools. By teaching students to make posters on Canva and make videos with WeVideo, students can bring the two together and create professional looking presentations. While this takes some building and time, the end results are awesome!

Here is an example of a student app smashing with WeVideo and Canva:

Here is another student example: Morning Announcement Example

Stay Techie,

Danelle McMillen

Mae Hensley Junior High

7th/8th grade Science &

Student Government

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Hi, this is the first time I've heard of this feature, is there any video tutorial on how to do this? I've never used WeVideo before, so I need some tips :)

If you've never recorded videos like this, you can try the free Movavi Screen Recorder, as I use it to record presentations.

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