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Take Your Students On an Adventure with PORTS On-Demand & PORTScasts!

Have you ever wanted to take your students on a learning adventure, like walking through a forest, exploring the seashore, or visiting a historic monument? California has a wealth of state parks where students can extend their learning experiences beyond the classroom walls. However, the reality is that field trips can be expensive and time-consuming, and many of California's crown-jewel state parks lie beyond the distance that our school buses can traverse in a single day.

The PORTS program is here to help! Our friends at California State Parks offer a wide variety of Ranger-led virtual field trips for students in all grade levels through their PORTS On-Demand program. Visit this page and fill out a simple online form to book a Ranger-led, Zoom-style field trip for your classroom! All on-demand activities must be booked by November 30, so there are still a few spots available. Mark your calendars for next year because each year's virtual trips become available on September 1st!

But here's the best news of all: Because the PORTS On-Demand events can be limited in availability, the California State Parks have created an even more accessible set of open live-stream events for any classroom to join live! These "PORTScasts" are announced one to two months in advance. The current list of upcoming PORTScasts can be accessed from this calendar. Some events require pre-registration, so visit this website now to find the perfect learning opportunity for your grade level or subject area!

No matter what grade level or subject area you teach, you're sure to find a learning opportunity at PORTS that will be memorable and engaging for your students. Best of all, these programs are all FREE thanks to the California Department of Parks and Recreation. So, what are you waiting for? Book a virtual field trip today!

Stay Techie,

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