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Canva Magic Studio Unlocked for Students!

We're thrilled to announce that the magical realm of Canva is now open for student explorers! Yes, you heard it right—Canva Magic Studio tools are officially unleashed for your students' creative whims! Say goodbye to bland presentations and hello to a universe of design wizardry at their fingertips. With Canva Magic Studio, students can now sprinkle some sparkle onto their projects, from dazzling graphics to polished layouts, in just a wave of their digital wands. So, why wait? Let's turn those assignments from "meh" to "wow" as we embark on this enchanting journey of digital creativity together!

🪄Magic Design

  • AI-design tool that places your uploaded content into a range of customizable templates.

🪄Magic Presentation

  • Create slide decks quickly and easily from a text prompt.

🪄Magic Write

  • Quickly create written content by entering a simple prompt.

🪄Magic Draw

  • Ability to draw freehand using a variety of drawing tools.

🪄Magic Animate

  • Add sleek motion effects and seamless transitions to any presentation or video in just one click.

🪄Magic Media (Text to Image)

  • Generate unique images from a text prompt.

🪄Magic Translate

  • Choose from 100+ languages to translate text.

🪄Magic Beat Sync

  • Sync video clips, animations, and transitions to match the rhythm of selected background music.

🪄Other Magic Studio Tools

  • BG Remover- Remove backgrounds from an image.

  • Magic Eraser - Quickly delete content from an image.

  • Magic Expand - Expand images and fix awkward framings of an image.

  • Magic Edit - Remove and swap content in an image.

  • Magic Grab - Easily separate content from the background of an image to select, move, and resize the content.

  • Grab Text - Select and move text from an image.

To learn how you can engage students with Magic AI in your classroom, check out this resource: Teacher guides to wow your classroom with AI.

Carefully crafted in collaboration with ChatGPT.

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