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Zoom: Creating a Safe Learning Environment

We'd like to share a few tips to help you keep your Zoom meetings running smoothly. Check out our video demonstration for some options that may help you:

  • Using the Waiting Room to control meeting access

  • Preventing students from changing their screen names

  • Muting students' microphones

  • Controlling the Chat

  • Sending disruptive students to the Waiting Room

Don't forget to clearly communicate to students and parents your Zoom expectations and the strategies you have in place when these expectations are not being followed.

Keep in mind: A host has the option to send a message to participants in the waiting room; however, we recently discovered that students who are in the waiting room currently do not have the ability to see messages sent to them by the host or send messages to the host. The Chromebook app does not have this functionality yet. Sending students to the waiting room should only take place in situations where the behavior is uncontrollable or creates an unsafe environment for students. Find time after the Zoom class session to communicate with the student about the behavior incident and inform their parents. Communication and relationships are key to prevent these behaviors from occurring or recurring.

Would you like to share an idea or a tip about class Zoom meetings? Leave a comment below.

Stay Techie,

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