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Zoom Attendance Reports

Here are some handy tips to tracking student attendance on Zoom live class meetings:

1. Before you begin, make sure you (the teacher) are accessing Zoom via your District Licensed account. Your meeting links should begin with "https://ceresusd.zoom/us/..." If your links start with something else (for example, ""), then you have created your meeting link with a private account. You'll need to request your private account be merged with your District account via a Help Desk request, or you can simply re-create your meetings with the correct links on your the District Licensed account. Click here to learn how to login to your licensed Zoom account.

2. To simplify your Zoom Attendance Reports, we recommend that students change their screen names to a "Last Name, First Name" format. Check out our quick video that shows how students can do this and issues they may encounter:

3. After your meeting ends, follow the steps outlined on this Doc to run your Attendance Report. If you are prompted to choose a file format, we recommend you choose the CSV-Comma-delimited. Participants names will appear together in one column. If you would like to separate their last name from first name, upload the CSV file into Drive, open with Google Sheets, and follow the steps in this video:

4. You might also want to turn off the ability for students to rename themselves once they have entered your Zoom meeting. Login to your account, click on settings, and scroll down to this feature and toggle it off:

5. Attendance reporting methods vary from school site to school site. For more information about how to submit your Zoom Attendance Report, reach out to your site administrators.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas to streamline attendance during distance learning. Feel free to leave a tip or a question in the comments below.

Stay Techie,

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