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Why We Love Parent Square

Parent Square is an easy to use application for connecting with families. Anytime we have classroom announcements, we can easily post them.

We also utilize the feature “Ask For Items.” For example, we recently celebrated the 100th day of school. One of our activities was to make a 100 day snack. We asked for a variety of items: goldfish crackers, pretzels, cheerios, etc. We typed in the quantity needed and submitted it with our announcement posting. In a short amount of time, parents volunteered to bring in one or more of the items. The turn-around time is amazing!

In addition, you can request volunteers to sign up for different activities using the features along the left hand side of the screen.

Parent Square can also be used for direct messages to parents. We can keep our parents informed on how their child is doing academically and socially. We also use it to celebrate successes or fun moments during the day. Having the app on our phones makes it easy to snap a photo and send instantly.

Parents communicate with us to let us know specifics on transportation or other issues as they arise. We have found the more we use it, the more our families use it too!

What to dig deeper into Parent Square? Contact your EdTech!

Stay Techie,

Scott Tennell

Kindergarten Teacher, Hidahl Elementary

Kayla Diedrich

First Grade Teacher, Hidahl Elementary

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