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Who's Ready for a Cyber Sandwich?

Are you ready to enhance your students' note-taking skills, collaboration, and higher-order thinking abilities? Look no further than the Cyber Sandwich EduProtocol, designed to assist you in teaching the techniques of comparing, contrasting, synthesizing, and summarizing.

This EduProtocol lets your students collaborate with one another through the use of this accountable and controlled pair share.

Step 1: Students read the same selection for ten minutes. Slide one or two will contain both students' findings. (students follow template colors).

Step 2: Students will spend five minutes sharing their findings with their partner and completing a Venn diagram on Slide Two. What did we both notice? (To increase understanding of the article read.)

Step 3: Using the Venn diagram and shared information, each student will write a paragraph summarizing the reading selection.

Step 4: Teams will take turns presenting their findings to the class, other groups, or a partner.

Students can read opposing articles. The slides will be used to compare and contrast the two themes.

If you need any additional support with educational tools please feel free to contact your SS EdTech TOSA.

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