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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Slip-in-Slide?

Updated: Feb 8

Have you ever realized you created a Google Slide assignment, but left out an important component you wanted to include? Or perhaps you would like to give your students an assignment one piece at a time, so as not to overwhelm them? I’ve got great news for you! There’s a Google Slides Add-on for that! You can add onto a Google Slides assignment after a copy has already been created for your students in Google Classroom!

Create the slide you want to add, then activate the Slip-in-Slide Add-on in the Google Slides menu. Once activated, go to the Add-ons menu again, and select the Google Drive folder (or multiple folders, for you secondary teachers) that contains the assignment you are wanting to modify. You can choose to add the new slide to the beginning, the end, or even into the middle of the original slides assignment.

I use Slip-in-Slide daily to add a new journal slide to my students’ daily digital journals, without ever having to create a new Google Classroom assignment! How do you see yourself using this awesome Google Slides Add-on?

Stay Techie,

Craig Tornquist

6th Grade Teacher

Adkison Elementary

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