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Welcome to the Canva Team

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

We're excited to announce that Canva for Education premium accounts are now free for all District users! Our new accounts have several new features, including all of the premium designs and unlimited storage space, so go ahead and create all the graphics, logos, animations, etc. - ALL the things! Best of all, Canva has guaranteed that our Team accounts will be FREE forever!

If you haven't already done so, head on over to and sign in with your Google ( credentials. When you log into your new profile, you'll find yourself in a new "Team" that is specific to your school or work site. This will make it easier for you to share your Canva designs with your colleagues. Your Team also has a "Brand" button, which is a place to share graphic elements like your school logo, mascot, and other commonly-used resources.

Can my students use a free account?

YES! Canva for Education is free for students, too! Your students should also log into Canva via their Google ( profile. The first time a student logs in, they will be taken to a special Microsoft login page. Do not be alarmed! This is a special procedure that is needed just for Canva.

For this special login, your students should enter their ID number followed by -- for example, Their password will be the same password they use for their Google profile. This special login should only be necessary the first time a student creates their account, although it may also be required each time the student clears their browser cache or logs in from a new device. Once you and your students have access to your Canva accounts, here are few resources to help you get started!

Where are my old designs?

If you had a preexisting Canva for Education account tied to your email, no sweat! Your old designs are easy to find - simply click on the button in the upper-left corner of your home screen. Under "Switch to another team," you should be able to find your old profile(s). If you want to share any of your designs from your old profile to your new profile, you can follow the instructions outlined here.

If you had an old Canva account registered to your Outlook ( account, you won't be able to access that account by switching teams. Rather, you'll need to log out of Canva entirely and log back in with your email address. You can share your old designs to your new account using the same instructions linked above.

We're very excited about the expanded capabilities of our new Canva accounts.


Hopefully the transition won't be too tricky, but if you have any questions, reach out to your friendly EdTech Specialist!

Stay Techie,

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