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Welcome back! We missed you!

Meme of somewhat deranged cat screaming "Welcome back! We missed you!"

We hope you've had a nice relaxing summer and are ready to start the new school year. As you get ready for the return of our students, check out these new updates!


When you log into Clever, you'll notice some new icons. ParentSquare, GoGuardian, and StoryboardThat are now available in Clever, and each of these apps will soon be set up for Single Sign on.


Don't forget to use ParentSquare, our District-approved app for easy communication with families. You can now access ParentSquare easily from within Clever. For more information, check out these ParentSquare training modules and webinars:


Are you using GoGuardian for Chromebook management? Starting this year, your GoGuardian class rosters should be automatically created and updated by Clever. Simply click the "Accept" button on your Classrooms management page as shown below.

If you haven't used GoGuardian in the past and would like to activate your account, complete our new EDpuzzle video training at the following link:

Screenshot of GoGuardian Classrooms page depicting the accept/decline feature


Great news! You will no longer have to create your own classroom rosters in StoryboardThat. Your class accounts will now be managed automatically through Clever. All teacher-created assignments will still be available.

Tech Tool Checkouts

We've been busy this summer putting together some tech tool kits you can borrow for classroom use. Reservations are now being accepted for Google Expedition AR and VR kits, Ozobots, and a green screen backdrop. Checkouts will be for one-week periods beginning the week of August 26th. You can check out the checkout form (get it?) here:

Google Classroom Update

Google released a new version of Classroom in early August. The new version includes a dedicated Classwork page, in response to feedback received from teachers. The new version is already active for any new Classrooms you create, and the old version will no longer be available after September 4. For more information, check out the Google Education blog post.


If you would like EdTech support or assistance with integrating technology in your classroom, book an appointment with your Edtech through their Calendly link above!

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