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Welcome Back! 8 Updates and Ideas For The New School Year

We hope you had a wonderful, adventurous, relaxing, and fulfilling summer! Here are some updates for the new school year.

1. Google Workspace & Expeditions

Google is always evolving! Check out their recent updates here.

Coming soon! Later this year, teachers will easily be able to see when a student was last active, including when they last submitted work or participated in the class through comments with a student engagement activity dashboard.

Google Expeditions has sailed off into the sunset, but about 400 of the Expeditions are now available on Google Arts and Culture's website! The expeditions featured on the website can be accessed with any device connected to the internet. Although students cannot use the VR headsets for the expeditions on the website, they can still interact with expeditions on any device that has a web browser.

Check out Tom Mullaney's blog post "Getting Started with Web Based Google Expeditions" to learn how to integrate an expedition into your instruction!

2. Print and Copy Services

Did you know you can have custom posters or custom spiral workbooks made through our very own Print and Copy Services?

Check out this new video about our wonderful Print and Copy Services department!

Do you need help getting started with your Digital Store Front (DSF) print order? Here is a video tutorial you will want to view: How to Order Materials.

3. New Items In Your Library

There are BreakoutEDU kits available in every school library and Maker Kits available in elementary school libraries. Visit and for more information. Consider kicking off your school year using these resources with students!

4. District Licensed Tools Update

We have renewed our district licenses/subscriptions for the following tech tools for this upcoming school year:

Our District-wide subscription to MobyMax has ended. Although MobyMax is still on our list of approved apps and web tools, your account has reverted to the free version unless your school site has purchased the program.

5. App and Web Tool Approvals

If you found a cool digital tool on Tik Tok or Twitter this summer, don't forget to check our District Approved List before using the tool with students.

6. SCOE Badges

The SCOE Badge Project is a program designed for educators to monitor and celebrate professional learning. Once a staff member learns a new skill or strategy, they can submit an artifact demonstrating how they will impact students with this new knowledge. For their efforts, they will earn a badge representing the skill set that makes them a dynamic asset in the classroom. These badges can then be displayed for the WORLD to see!

7. 80 Back To School Ideas!

Head on over to Ditch That Textbook to check out Matt Miller's AWESOME collection of 80 back to school ideas and activities.

Learn how to use ice breaker templates from Canva to get to know your new students, design back to school bingo, or even create an Google Classroom banner quilt!

8. Parent Guide to Digital Learning (Version 2)

We made very minor edits to the Parent Guide to Digital Learning for this school year. Feel free to share it out digitally as a resource to all families (! TK and kindergarten students will receive a printed copy.

As always, we are here to support you. To get in touch with your friendly local EdTech, click the image below or visit

Stay Techie,

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