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Want Text Translated and Read Aloud?!

Immersive Reader on Websites Unofficial is an Google Chrome extension that is designed to read text by simply selecting text on a website, right- clicking and selecting "Help me read this."

What an amazing resource for students and educators!

But this extension does not stop there! This extension will enlarge text, which greatly benefits students, and allows you to change the font and color theme.

When you use the grammar options on selected text, Immersive Reader will break apart words into syllables and identify parts of speech.

The reading preferences options will create a one-, three- or five-line focus and translate the selected text into any language.

To access this great new extension, go to Google Chrome Extensions and search for Immersive Reader on Websites [unofficial]:

Then Click "Add to Chrome:"

Stay Techie,

Maribel Garcia

1st Grade Teacher

Lucas Elementary

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