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ViewSonic Interactive TV in a Kindergarten Classroom

Updated: Feb 8

My kindergarten students love having a ViewSonic Interactive TV in our classroom!

ViewSonic Interactive TVs are great to have in kindergarten (or any grade level!) classrooms because they provide an interactive and engaging learning experience for students. With their large touchscreen display and user-friendly interface, they make learning more fun and exciting. Students can play interactive learning games, take virtual field trips, work collaboratively on projects, and engage in hands-on activities that promote creativity and critical thinking. The technology also allows teachers to create customized content and adapt it to fit the unique needs of their classroom. With ViewSonic Interactive TVs, learning becomes a fun and immersive experience that captivates students and promotes a love for learning.

Check out these videos on how I use the ViewSonic Interactive TV in my classroom:

Stay Techie,

Rosemary Freitas

Kindergarten Teacher

Patricia Kay Beaver Leadership Magnet

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