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Using Technology in a Thinking Classroom

There are numerous digital tools available on Chromebooks that can enhance students' mathematical learning. However, managing these tools in a classroom with students working at vertical non-permanent surfaces can pose challenges. In the "Teaching That Counts" podcast Episode "Using Technology in a Thinking Classroom," Grant McCormick high school math teacher and Abel Maestas, and math instructional coach, discuss strategies and processes that support successful integration of technology in a thinking classroom.

Listen in and hear if there is something that could help your students utilize technology in a thinking classroom.

Here are a few key points from this podcast:

  • Technology, particularly Desmos, aids in visualizing mathematics, fostering productive struggle, and supporting instruction.

  • Integrating Desmos into a thinking classroom with vertical whiteboards enhances student engagement and learning.

  • Considerations include managing technology use during whiteboard activities and teaching essential Desmos skills beforehand.

  • Challenges include students holding devices while using whiteboards, which can be mitigated with specialized furniture.

  • The effectiveness of technology integration may vary depending on the task and unit progression

  • Gradually transitioning from individual Chromebooks to each group having one or two devices, and adjusting based on student readiness, is crucial.

Thank you Abel and Grant for sharing your knowledge!

Stay Techie,

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