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Using Multiple Spinners for Multiple Purposes!

Have you ever used an online spinner wheel in your classroom? I recently ran across a different version of these spinner wheels where you can have multiple spinners (up to eight) on one page! These spinners can be customized by changing the color, theme, sounds, and you can even add pictures! Here are a few ideas on how to use these spinners in your class!

1. Random Selection (basically a digital popsicle stick) - Create one spinner with your student names on it and use it to randomly call on students during class. You could also create more than one spinner to form student groups.

2. Math Practice - Make two spinners with numbers to practice basic math fact fluency!

3. They also have some premade spinners like this dice roll spinner to check out!

There are so many other ways to use these spinners in the classroom. Click here to check out the premade spinners or make some of your own to try out in your classroom!

Disclaimer: When entering student names, only use their first name to conceal their identity and protect their data privacy.

Stay Techie,

Nicole Schultz

Math Intervention Teacher

Sinclear Elementary

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