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Using Alarms to Make Your Life Easier in the Classroom

Using alarms to keep you on schedule may be the easiest way to start simplifying your day in the classroom. I was one to constantly forget to take attendance my first year as a teacher. I started to set a daily alarm at 8:30 a.m. to remind me to take attendance. Forgetting to take attendance is now a thing of the past!

Intervention schedules can get overwhelming at times, especially keeping track of which students go where. I started to set up alarms for intervention groups. I set them one minute before their small group time to give the students time to walk over to the classroom and so they are on time to their intervention teacher. This made life easier and students never missed intervention. If you have students who go to different rooms, set a specific ringtone for each student. When naming the alarm, add your students' names so you know whose intervention time it is. Eventually, you won’t even have to tell them to go, they will hear “their” ringtone and they will just go on their own! Even the littles can handle this. :)

Lastly, I use alarms for lunch. We have math right before lunch and we get so immersed in the learning we have missed our lunch time before! Now, I set the alarm five minutes before our lunchtime to give the class time to clean up their areas and tidy up the classroom.

Give it a try!

Stay Techie,

Daisy Ramirez

2nd Grade Teacher

Caswell Elementary

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