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URL Hacks!

Learn how to manipulate URLs to change the view of your Google Workspace, formally known as G Suite, apps (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings). You can have your “viewers” see a preview of your document (without the toolbars at the top). You can also force your “viewers” to make a copy of your document before they can view it. Alternatively, you could have your viewers preview your document, and if they wish to do so, they can use the “Use Template” button to make a copy. This will not force them to make a copy if they will not be using it and it will not clog up their Drive folder with documents they do not intend to use.

You can also manipulate your URL to force viewers to make a copy of the original document that includes the comments. This can be useful to create an assignment and you can include comments with hints/directions on how to complete the assignment.

Additionally, you can manipulate your URL to have viewers download a PDF version of your documents. This is useful if you do not want your viewers to be able to change your documents.

There is a way to manually change your URLs. However, if you download the Sir-Links-A-Lot extension (for teacher use only), it will convert your URL for you!

Here is a quick guide to help you get started with these URL Hacks:

Stay Techie,

Maria Figueroa

Math, Ceres High School

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