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Translate Your Google Slides!

Updated: Feb 8

We're excited to share this a new Slides Translator Add-On, which is now available to all users in our Ceres domain. Once you've installed the Add-On to your Google Slides profile, it will be available for you to use on any Slides file you have opened in Edit mode. (Note: If you'd like to use the Add-On when you don't have editing rights to a Slides deck, simply make a copy of the file!)

The Add-On allows you to quickly translate any text box on a Slide into virtually any language. Simply highlight the text, click on the Slides Translator Add-On, choose "Translate Text box," and select your language. It's that easy!

If you'd rather provide your own translation via voice typing, the Slides Translator Add-On has you covered! Check out our quick video for details:

This Add-On is a great tool for both you and your students, but it only scratches the surface of the translation options that are possible in Slides. If you'd like to use an advanced script to translate an entire slide - or even an entire presentation - all at once, check out our Ceres Slides Translator template, which enables translation between the languages most commonly spoken by our students and their families here in Ceres.

The link ( will prompt you to make your own copy of the template. Once you've made a copy, follow the instructions on the first slide. You can use this link over an over again to make as many "translatable" Slides decks as you like.

Screenshot and link to the template

Finally, if you'd like to delve even more deeply into the wonderful world of scripting to add even more translation functions to your Slides, check out the Google Workspace tutorial on Slides Translation. Who knows, maybe you--or one of your students--can code an even better translation Add-On!

Stay Techie,

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