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Today Is National STEM/STEAM Day!

November 8th is National STEM/STEAM Day (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)! Get your students excited about STEAM this week by giving them access to some fun activities.

Coding Activities

Tynker has some great coding activities for students. Their new Coding Cup Activity allows students to use simple block-based coding to build their own virtual World Cup. The best teams will win prizes!

STEAM Challenges

If you're looking for a hands-on design experience or an activity for students to work as a team, check out this list:

Maker Kits, Tech Kits, and BreakoutEdu

Did you know that your school library has resources to help you tap into your students' creativity and innovation skills? Students can solve problems and come up with solutions using the Maker Kits (K-6), Tech Kits (6-12), and BreakoutEdu kits! Speaking of BreakoutEDU, you already have a free premium account - log in at with your Google credentials and you can gain access to digital breakout puzzles, including the popular "Lock of the Day" critical thinking activity! K-6 teachers, for the Maker Kits, we have built connections to our ELA and Math curricula as well.

Take Your Students on a Virtual Field Trip!

Google has partnered with NASA to take your students on a fully interactive virtual field trip to Access Mars! Boing has also partnered with Discovery Education to allow students to take a Virtual Visit to the Space Center!

Stay Techie,

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