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Time to Become Vloggers...

Updated: Feb 8

Hey guys, this is Maria (again!), with another Ed Tech Blog! This week I decided to talk about Flipgrid. Many of you probably already know what it is, but for those of you that don’t...Flipgrid is a place where your students can answer questions that you pose through videos. It’s a platform that allows your students to be themselves and show their peers and you what they know.

I have used Flipgrid as a way for my students to become the “teachers” and demonstrate their knowledge to their peers. They have fun while doing it because they are not presenting in front of the entire class, but instead through the lens of their camera. This platform is a way to EMPOWER their voices. Click here and try it out!

Stay Techie,

Maria Arrellano Rodriquez

5th Grade Teacher, Lucas Dual Language Academy

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