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The Power of Phonics

Are you looking for a resource to help you practice with your students on their phonemic, phonics, and reading skills? You can use this resource (from the Florida Center for Reading Research) for quick practice with your students in whole group or small group lessons. This resource will break down different skills into grade levels pre K- 5th grade. Each resource provides tools needed to print with clear instructions on how to implement them into your lessons. They are interactive and scripted. Fluency, High frequency words, Phonics and Vocabulary activities are just some of the great topics available!

Here is the ABC Arc Resource:

Here is an example of a student matching the letters in her name to the ABC arc (working in small group letter ID-Kinder lessons tier 3).

Student is matching the lower case letters of her name (m) to the uppercase letter (M). We sing the ABC song to help us find the letter we need.

The student matched A-M lower case to upper case. Now we play "I spy" to bring letters to the middle. (“I spy the letter m.”) The student drags it to the middle of the arc. Then towards the end, I let her give me some "I spy" letters and I drag them down!

Kristin Brooks

Reading Intervention Teacher

Adkison Elementary

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