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The Possibilities Are Endless

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Why Use WeVideo?

Looking for different forms of engagement? Look no further. WeVideo is great for all ages and the possibilities for student use are endless. It promotes collaboration, problem solving and creative ways for students to demonstrate what they have learned. Please take a few minutes to get inspired.

Our Testimony

Now when students present their research to class they do not need to dread going in front of the class and read their presentation. Students are now passionate and full of excitement when given the opportunity to create videos. We have experienced this in our own class this year. We have noticed that students that struggle with speaking in front of the class are more willing to participate and are not afraid to add more information. WeVideo empowers every learner to discover their voice and make an impact in their world. WeVideo promotes deeper learning while making it fun and easy for students to express their ideas with creativity and authenticity. Student reflections put students in an active role in understanding their own thinking and learning.

Additionally, WeVideo works easily with Chrome and Clever. And luckily, videos can be saved to your Google Drive.

What Can You Use WeVideo for in the Classroom?

Overwhelmed by all the possibilities, or not sure where to begin? Here are a couple simple ways to engage your students with WeVideo:

1) Provide students with pre-selected video clips and let them be the narrator

In ELA you can use images from a unit you just finished and divide the class into smaller teams. WeVideo makes it easy to share media with students. You can choose if you want the students to work individually or collaborate in groups. Let them create sound effects, character voices, and other audio elements to add more to the story. They can either read from a book or pre-written script or create their script based on the images or clips you provide. This is great for all learners especially our English language learners, it gives them an opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills.

2) Create short video assignments, and connect the learning to real-life situations

In math, don’t just give the students a word problem connect learning to real life situations by recording yourself. This will increase their engagement and relevance within your lessons. For example, instead of asking your students to help the fictional characters in word problems, why don’t you take them with you next time you go grocery shopping, cooking, driving etc. All you need is a camera, even your smartphone will do. This exercise will challenge your students’ mathematical skills while connecting the lesson to a real-life situation. Just simply upload your video and have students add text boxes to answer the question and justify their reasoning. You can adapt this exercise to other subjects and situations, depending on your class and the age group.

Next Steps

Here is a presentation from our district educational technology specialists in case you need support on how to get started. Remember to invite them to help support you and your class. Use this link to connect with them!

Check out more ways to engage your students on the WeVideo Blog!

Stay Techie,

Allyssa Bossard, 5th Grade Teacher, Don Pedro Elementary

Veronica Carrera, 6th Grade Teacher, Don Pedro Elementary

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