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The Fun-Filled World of 99math!

Why not infuse math with enjoyment? Ms. Norenberg effectively transformed her classroom into a hub of excitement by incorporating a dynamic math activity using the interactive platform 99math. Guided by her innovative approach, students delved into engaging math challenges, reinforcing their understanding of concepts such as fractions. Through lively rounds of gameplay, they honed their fact fluency while fostering friendly competition amongst peers, all within an atmosphere brimming with enthusiasm and learning.

Here is what 99math can offer:

  • Engagement Boost: Say goodbye to bored faces and hello to enthusiastic learners.

  • Customized Challenges: Tailor activities to suit your students' needs, from basic arithmetic to advanced concepts. With customizable challenges, you're in control of the learning journey.

  • Collaborative Learning: Foster teamwork and healthy competition as students engage in math battles. Watch as collaboration flourishes and math skills soar.

  • Instant Feedback: Say goodbye to delayed feedback, track student progress in real-time, and adjust your teaching approach accordingly.

Special thanks to Ms. Norenberg's 3rd grade class at Adkison for the visit!

Carefully crafted in collaboration with ChatGPT.

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