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That's a Wrap! Ending the Year Remotely

Can you believe the end of the school year is right around the corner? Who would have thought we would be ending the 2019-2020 school year remotely....

Just a friendly reminder that you will want to do some housekeeping with tech tools that you have frequently used throughout the school year.

Last year in this blog post we reminded you how you can "clean up" your Google Classroom. You will want to archive any Google Classrooms utilized this school year, but don't forget to make a copy of any Classroom you'll want to re-use next year! Check out these instructions from Google for more details.

If you used GoGuardian prior to the school closures, you'll definitely want to archive those classes as well, in order to prevent any conflicts with pre-scheduled sessions. For details, head over to this Help article on Archiving and Deleting GoGuardian Classrooms.

Our friends over at Google Teacher Podcast just launched a full episode on some tips for ending the year. Head on over to their website for ideas!

If you have created any Seesaw or Flipgrid classrooms, you will want to archive those as well. Here is how to archive within Seesaw. To delete your Grid in Flipgrid, select "actions" and then "delete grid."

Also, students will need to download any work that they would like to save in WeVideo! Send this article to students showing them how to complete this task. All student accounts get deleted over the summer to get us ready for the next school year!

Stay Techie,

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