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Tech Talk Tuesday #2: Intro to WeVideo

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

At our January 29th Tech Talk Tuesday webinar, we gave a half-hour introduction to WeVideo, our cloud-based video editing program, which is provided to all Ceres USD students and teachers.

A video recording of this meeting is available via YouTube using the link below. WeVideo has so many great features that we will post a follow-up with more advanced features in the coming weeks.

Check out our WeVideo Getting Started Slides for Students:

...and also our Getting Started Slides for Teachers:

Detailed instructions are also available from WeVideo here:

To skip to a specific part of this video, click on a time stamp link below: 00:03:08 Logging In to WeVideo 00:03:51 Groups 00:05:39 Projects 00:07:47 New Video Edit 00:08:54 Essentials Library 00:09:54 Adding Media to Your Video 00:10:39 Adding Audio 00:13:38 Importing and Using Media 00:15:25 Adding Titles 00:17:09 Transitions 00:18:35 Graphics 00:19:18 Finishing Your Video 00:21:39 Simpler Storyboard View 00:22:38 Lesson Ideas 00:25:17 WeVideo Resources for Students and Teachers 00:25:35 Prize Drawing!

Join us for our next Tech Talk Tuesday in February! Stay tuned! More information to come!

Stay Techie,

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