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Teaching with Bitmoji In the Classroom

Updated: Feb 8

Everyone is excited about Bitmojis and they want to know what the craze is all about! I am one of the moderators in the Global group Bitmoji Craze for Educators. We started this group on April 21, 2020 on Facebook, and have had astronomical growth from teachers around the world. As of today 6/3/2020 there are 100K members who are exclusively Educators using Bitmojis in their classrooms! I also have recently started a YouTube channel FollowCarissaOnYouTube where I’m adding tutorials weekly.

I have created an extensive ‘copy and paste clipart shopping’ document and have shared it with 1000’s of teachers and many districts around the world. You can make a copy for yourself here: Everything you need to start creating your own Bitmoji classroom scenes. One of the fun ways I utilized Bitmoji in my classroom is this cute Mrs. Stewarts Dr. Seuss document with links to story read alouds. Another cute way I’m using Bitmoji in my classroom is this super adorable Morning Greetings choice board. Here is a quick way to use Bitmojis by just dropping them into the Travel around the World slideshow I assembled.

During distance learning I pushed out our daily lesson on this class Agenda wk 4/27-5/1. And speaking of distance learning, I wanted my students to know I was missing them so I sent out little notes on Carissa's Bitmoji Postcards finally while I’m beginning to plan ahead for next year I’ve started to work on the Bitmoji Zones of Regulation.

Need more Bitmojis in your life? Check out this video resource below for two ways to make a Bitmoji classroom for beginners to help you get started.

Also, check out this article featured on Nicole’s Notes: Why Teachers Love the Bitmoji Classroom.

Stay Techie,

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