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Teach Better, Work Less Workshop Recap

Updated: Feb 8

Thank you all for tuning in to the Teach Better, Work Less workshop we hosted last week. Jon Corippo, a fellow educator and co-author of the EduProtocol Field Guide, captivated us with his EduProtocols!

We were able to record the workshop in case you weren't able to join or just wanted to watch it again! Click here for the video or it is linked below:

Here is Jon Corippo's slide presentation, which he has shared with us:

Want a recap of some of the EduProtocols he covered?

Check out the information below.

Fast & Curious: Do one quick rep teaching your students surface-level concepts using any tool like Blooket, GimKit, Quizizz, Kahoot, etc. Then, give them immediate feedback! Repeat this process, day after day, and see your student success significantly increase!

Cyber Sandwich: 7 Marzano skills in one activity! Send students a slide deck template where they will initially take notes individually after reading an article (or story connected to curriculum!). Then, in pairs, students will compare and contrast the notes they have individually taken. Don't forget to confer with each pair of students to provide feedback! Students will then wrap up this EduProtocol by individually writing a paragraph. Check out this cool template.

Thin Slides: Tired of waiting three weeks for students to complete a slide presentation? Ask students for one slide based on a word, phrase, or question and give them 3 minutes to complete it! Allow for just a few seconds for them to share out and solicit discussion after. Try doing this on Pear Deck!

Sketch and Tell: Read an article, complete a simulation or lab, solve a math problem, etc., then construct a model and tell about it--sketch and tell! Students have the opportunity to model the concept you want them to learn by demonstrating their understanding. Low prep, high engagement!

Math Reps: Practice multiple standards at once! Practice everyday! Check out actual examples from kindergarten through high school here. Try this on Jamboard!

Number Mania: Students will read an article or story, share one fact on a Google Form, then students can grab facts from the Google Form response Sheet and create their infographic! TIP: preload graphics for students to choose from on the platform you want them to create their infographic on!

Story Parts: Analyze commercials, song lyrics, or stories by breaking them into parts and working in pairs!

Check out FREE templates from the EduProtocol website:

Don't forget to search #eduprotocols on Twitter for examples of teachers using the EduProtocols in all grade levels and subjects!

Stay Techie,

P.S. Earn SCOE badges for trying some of the EduProtocols in your classroom!

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