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Tango, the Google Extension That Will Save you time!

I find that I am often creating resources with directions on how to access or do something online and it takes me quite a bit of time because I will take multiple screenshots of what I am doing,  I’ll write directions that go with each screenshot, maybe create a slides presentation, or record a Screencastify etc... However, I recently discovered an extension called Tango that has changed that!

Tango is an extension that can be added through the Google chrome store that will save you valuable time when it comes to giving directions to access, use or create online resources  for your students, parents or colleagues. Simply add the Tango extension then navigate to the website that you want to create directions for and Tango will capture everything you do. It will then have the directions and screenshots of exactly what you did for you to share through email, embed a copy of or download as a pdf. Tango also has a workspace where you can invite others to join to see your work or collaborate with you. 

Here is an example resource created using Tango!

This is an amazing resource when creating directions for students and/or parents to access websites/materials at home or anytime you need to quickly create a guide or tutorial. I just used it to send out information on creating groups and appointments in ParentSquare for my colleagues in literally a minute! Give Tango a try and see how much time you can save. 

Disclaimer: This is a teacher tool ONLY and no student information or data should be entered at any time or captured with this tool at any time!

Stay Techie,

Chevelle Machado

1st Grade Teacher

La Rosa Elementary

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