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Taking Chromebooks to Another Level With Stylus

The Logitech Stylus is an excellent tool for students to have for their Chromebooks. Ceres Unified has a kit available to check out for our students. The stylus can help students create, edit and annotate documents more easily and accurately than ever before. The stylus is highly responsive, allowing for more precise control when taking notes or drawing diagrams. It also works with multiple applications on the Chromebook, making it an ideal tool for students who need to switch between tasks quickly.

I had the opportunity to check out our district stylus kit, needless to say, my students were excited when they saw a new technology tool. We used the pens in class to manipulate data, create drawings, and play games in class. The stylus gives students another way to input data and be creative on their Chromebooks. If you can check out the stylus kit, give it a try.

With the Logitech Stylus, students can make the most of their Chromebooks and take advantage of all the features available on them.

Articles on Stylus use:

Stay Techie,

Antonio Garcia

3rd Grade Teacher

Lucas Dual Language Academy

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