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Take Your Students On an Adventure with Flipgrid Live Events!

Have you ever wished your students could meet a real, live author? Or travel to a faraway place? Learn about a completely different time in history? Immerse in a culture that they may not know about? Check out Flipgrid's Live Events page!

At the Flipgrid Live Events page, you'll find easy registration links to FREE 30-minute virtual field trips with "authors, scientists, humanitarians, and creators." Each weekly event requires a simple registration form. Depending on your schedule, you have the option of letting your students participate live or watch an on-demand recording later.

Check out some of their upcoming events:

  • Mexican Folklore "Scary" Stories with author Tehlor Kay Majia - this Friday Oct. 29th at 10 AM - perfect for the season!

  • Learn How Change Sings Inside Us All with poet Amanda Gorman and author/illustrator Loren Long - Nov. 4 at 10 AM

  • Medieval Knights with the Cleveland Museum of Art - Nov. 10 at 10 AM

  • Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Sue-meg State Park in Northern California - Nov. 17 at 10 AM

Stay Techie,

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