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Take a MOTE of this!

Have you ever wished that you could just verbalize your feedback to students on student work, rather than have to type it? Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to add verbal directions to your assignments? Guess what, there is! MOTE is a Google Extension that allows you to do just that. It integrates with Classroom, Slides, Docs, and Sheets to allow you to add audio clips as well as verbal feedback on comments with just one click of a button! The premium version will also transcribe your comments into other languages!

Here are two ways I have found MOTE to be useful!

1. Using MOTE in Google Slides is a quick way to add verbal directions to your assignments. This is especially great for our younger learners and EL’s that might struggle to comprehend written directions.

  • Click on the MOTE icon at the top right in google slides.

  • Record your directions.

  • A purple audio button will appear. You can move it to wherever you want in your slide!

2. Using MOTE to provide feedback is a quick way to comment on student work.

  • Click on the MOTE icon in the comment box on Slides, Docs, or Classroom. You can also add a private comment in Classroom to the student.

  • In some cases, it will also transcribe the comment so that you have the verbal and the written feedback!

Possible issues…

  • Audio comments are free, however, many other tools are available at a cost.

  • This is for teacher use only in Ceres. Students can not reply to your audio comments and should not create an account.

Click on the link to add the MOTE extension to your browser:

Stay Techie,

Nicole Schultz

2nd Grade Teacher

Sinclear Elementary

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