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Super Quick Removal of Objects in Photoshop

It seems everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (A.I.), and many of the tech tools we use are starting to incorporate A.I., including Photoshop! Photoshop's updated content-aware features allow you to remove objects from your photo quickly and easily. As you can see in the example below, the objects that have been removed (the tractors) were intelligently replaced with grass, shrubs, and tree trunks that look quite convincing to the human eye!

Pilgrim Hot Springs outside of Nome, Alaska. Photo taken by me (Copley) in 2007, one hundred years after my great-grandfather was elected mayor of the city during the Gold Rush.

After Photoshop: The tractors are gone!

Here is the under-2 minute tutorial:

Stay Techie,

Kari Copley

Art Teacher

Central Valley High School

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