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Student-Friendly Classroom Library System

Is managing your classroom library taking up too much of your time? Do your books sometimes go missing to never return again? There is a solution for that! You need Booksource Classroom. It allows you to inventory, manage, and analyze your classroom library. Even better, it’s free! Who doesn’t love free resources?! It is easy to use for both the teacher and the students.

So you want to try it out, where do you start? Well, you start by entering the books from your classroom library into the account you make. This can be done by entering the book’s ISBN or you can use a barcode scanner. I have done this both ways. The ISBN can take a while to complete. But once the books are in, you don’t have to do it again (at least until you want to add new titles to your library!) You can enter the ISBNs either on the website, or also on the phone app that is available. The phone app uses your camera to scan the ISBN for you. If you want to try the barcode scanner, there are some reasonably priced ones to be found on Amazon. This makes scanning the books into you inventory easier.

Once your library is fully inventoried, now you can give students access to the online student checkout system. They can do this from their own Chromebooks!! I provide a link on Google Classroom for my students with the shared classroom password. Students can check out the books and then check them back in when done. This way you know what your students are reading.

There are even some more advanced features! The inventory system tells you how many copies of certain titles you have in your classroom. It lets you know how many books of each genre you have. It even goes further to analyze the diversity of your book titles. Plus, there are several reports to choose from to learn about the reading habits of your students.

So, why not get started today at

Stay Techie,

Rebecca Davenport

4th Grade Teacher

Whitmore Charter School of the Arts and Technology

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