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StoryboardThat Templates

StoryboardThat allows your students to quickly create high-quality comic strip storyboards and graphic organizers. This great tech tool is specifically designed for K-12 education and works perfectly on Chromebooks, since all work is saved to the cloud. We love StoryboardThat so much that our District has made a premium account available to all teachers and students.

The program can be a little intimidating at first, especially when setting up classes and assignments. One way you can help ease your students into the program is to provide a template for them.

StoryboardThat Template Example
Sample assignment: Fill in the blank speech bubbles and create a third panel to complete the story.

StoryboardThat also has a large collection of Worksheet Templates. No matter what grade level or subject area you teach, you can probably find resources here to help you get started quickly.

For more information, check out our new StoryboardThat Template tutorial video below.

Stay Techie,

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