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Storyboard What? “StoryboardThat!”

Do you need a creative and fun way for your students to show what they’ve learned? Check out "StoryboardThat!"

Students can choose from a variety of templates, select from a wide-range of backgrounds and characters, upload photos, and add text to illustrate their learning. With a short demonstration, students can quickly be on their way to creating. The best part of all . . . it can be used with ANY subject and the students love it!

Here are just a few ways to incorporate StoryboardThat in your classroom: compare/contrast characters, summarize the text, create a timeline of historical events, modeling the process of solving a math problem, or illustrating a cycle. You name it, and your students can do it! Skip the pencil and paper, and let their creativity flow.

Check out a few of my samples below:

Stay Techie,

Ashlie Freeberg

5th Grade Teacher

Carroll Fowler Elementary

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