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Spring Cleaning for Bookmarks Bar

The list of programs and platforms teachers and students need to open and navigate on a daily basis can be long, making opening and accessing these frequently accessed sites a long process. Enter the classic bookmark feature on Chrome.

Bookmarking your frequently used websites on your bookmarks bar is a great tool to access your favorite sites with a click of a button, however your bookmarks bar can fill up quickly. In order to organize and consolidate your bookmark bar, you can retitle your bookmark by deleting the title. You can retitle a bookmark on your bookmark bar by right-clicking and selecting “edit,” or by accessing your “Bookmark manager” through the three-dots in Chrome > Bookmarks > Bookmark manager.

When retitling your bookmark, erase the title and leave it blank.

After saving, only the website's favicon (logo) will remain, leaving a consolidated and cool looking bookmark bar!

Teach this trick to your students so they can quickly access frequently used websites not stored in Clever!

Stay Techie,

Tucker Schwarberg

Math Teacher

Ceres High School

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