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Most of us are at least familiar with Edpuzzle and know that it is an excellent way to chunk a video’s information into comprehensible segments. It also makes for a great hassle free sub lesson or for distance learning! Edpuzzle now allows you to add audio notes and voice over. This feature will support your students to further understand the lesson. It provides support for your English learners and Special Ed students as well as any student who is struggling.

Why use audio notes along with your video? Studies show that students will "find familiar voices easier to understand than the same words spoken by a stranger" (Association of Psychological Science, 2018) even if they can't identify who it is. That makes the audio feature a powerful tool that will facilitate student learning.

Suggestions on how to use audio notes:

You can use it to either read the question, or to further explain what they just viewed. If you add graphs, pictures, or links to websites, you can explain your instructions concerning either how to get to the graphs, pictures, or links or what information you are wanting students to discern from whatever you added.

You can use the voice over audio option to narrate a video that you recorded, or a video that has no narration. For example, some National Geographic videos have little or no narration. You can narrate over the video to help students understand what they are seeing. Here is an Edpuzzle in which I added audio notes. (Note: The spinning circle indicates there is an audio note to listen to. Press play on the right hand side of the window to listen to the audio note.)

If you are using it as a sub lesson or for distance learning, you can add audio notes where you anticipate students will need guidance, thus increasing their ability to do the work independently.

Here are some links to get you started:

Stay Techie,

Carrie Emerick

English Language Development, Spanish for Spanish Speakers, Tech Theater, and Video Productions Teacher

Blaker Kinser Junior High

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