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Seesaw's New Chrome Extension

Seesaw has been working hard to listen to teacher's feedback and they have made some amazing improvements that will impact the way our students interact with the interface on a Chromebook. This includes the release of the Reflect in Seesaw Chrome extension! This extension allows students to take a screenshot of anything on their screen and directly insert it into Seesaw to use with Seesaw's improved annotation features!!

Click this link to install the Reflect in Seesaw Extension and share this link with your students through Google Classroom or in your teacher page in Clever.

To get a sneak peak of all the new features of Seesaw, check out the video Sara Malchow shared on twitter:

Stay Techie,

If you would like EdTech support or assistance with integrating technology in your classroom, book an appointment with your Edtech through their Calendly link above!

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