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Seesaw K-5 Standards & Curriculum Connection!

Seesaw has made an update you are going to love! In the Seesaw library, you can now easily search for lessons aligned to standards and curriculum. You can also find lesson correlations to Common Core standards and are able to search by curriculum such as Illustrative Math and Benchmark Advance!

To access the new standards and curriculum alignment tool in Seesaw, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your teacher Seesaw account (K-2 use Clever 3-6 use free account using this website:

  2. Click the option "Library" at the top of the program

  3. Click "View Standards & Curriculum Alignments" to the right of the search bar

  4. Begin your search!

Click this Seesaw Curriculum Alignment resource to learn more!

Seesaw is an fun, engaging, and interactive tool. Students can use Seesaw to create and share their knowledge, collect evidence of learning, and give and receive feedback. The platform provides listening, speaking, reading, and writing, opportunities for English Language Learners. The Seesaw lessons are broken into activities and, teachers can assign all the activities or choose a few to assign.

If you haven’t used Seesaw with your students yet, give it a shot! Your class can become familiar with the basics of using Seesaw by following along with this demonstration video: Back to Classroom Demo: Seesaw Activity. For more EdTech tutorials, demos, and archived live events check out our Ceres EdTech YouTube Channel:! Lastly, Seesaw has a Monthly Blurb doc with updates and messaging for October!

Stay Techie,

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