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Seating Charts in Infinite Campus

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Welcome to a new school year! We are very excited to welcome our students back on campus for a new year of learning and fun!

We wanted to share some simple instructions for setting up your Seating Chart in Infinite Campus. Of course this is not a strict requirement, but in our experience, setting up your seating chart electronically is a good investment of your time because it will make attendance-taking more efficient and also help you learn your students' names more quickly, especially for secondary teachers! Also, loading your seating chart into Infinite Campus can be a huge benefit to any subs, since the seating chart can be easily printed and given to a sub.

Here are the steps, as outlined by one of our Tech Reps, Michelle Borges (thank you, Michelle!):

1. ​Log in to IC. Click Seating Charts. If you have never made an IC Seating Chart, you will need to click New.

2. Name your Seating Chart. You will also want to select how many desks you need (rows and columns). You can add spaces in between the desks if you want (a whole desk space or half of a desk space).

  • Note: if you want to move them closer to each other on the chart, you can physically drag them if you need to. You will need to select your section in the gray box. You can also automatically place students (alphabetically or randomly); for this option, I have selected the "Do Not Place" option so that I can drag students as needed.

3. Once you create your chart, you can drag desks and student names to the "workspace" area. Add a student icon to a desk, and it will turn green; if it can't go where you want it, the name will appear red. After your chart is done, then you can print this report with names or pictures.

***Be sure to click save!!

4. In order to print your seating chart on paper, you'll need to run a report by clicking Report under the Instruction menu. Here's what the reporting options look like:

5. Here's a possible report (notice I dragged some of the desks around).

Let us know if you have any questions, and we hope you have a great first week of school!

Stay Techie,

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