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Screen Recording Made Simple with Chromebook Screencast App!

Did you know that students have access to a quick and easy way to screencast on their Chromebooks? Last year Google released their Chromebook Screencast App!

This tool allows students to video-record themselves, narrate, and annotate over their work to share their knowledge with others. The beauty of this tool is that it automatically creates a transcript of the video in the Screencast App platform! Videos are automatically saved within the app and are also saved to a screencast recordings folder in Drive. The videos can be shared from within the Screencast app or through Drive!

Here is a short video tutorial on how to use the tool!

If you haven’t tried this Chromebook Screencast App, grab a Chromebook and give it a try! Have your students try it too!

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Stay Techie,

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Unknown member
Dec 03, 2023

Hi, as far as I know, ScreenCast does not allow you to take screenshots, so if you need it, then read this article on how to take a screenshot on Windows 11. By the way, maybe you can talk about this in another article?

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