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Scheduling Made Easy on Google Classroom

Have you tried the updated “Schedule” feature on Google Classroom lately? You can now schedule assignments at different times for different classes all in one step! I remember there were so many extra steps if you wanted your posts to go out at different times. I would have to create an assignment for each class and schedule it for different times for every class. Thankfully, now I can schedule an assignment for 1st period at 8:30am and 2nd period at 9:26am all in one place!


On the “Classwork” Tab, you can click on “Create” and click on the option that works best for you:

Give your assignment a “Title” and upload your appropriate attachments. Then click on all the classes you would like to create the assignment for:

Once you have finished modifying all of the settings, click on the “Drop Down” menu, and click on “Schedule”:

Change the “Publish Date and Time” you want to schedule the assignment for each of your classes. Then click on “Schedule” and you are ready to go!

Stay Techie!

Maria Figueroa

Math Teacher

Ceres High School

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