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Save Time with the AutoFill Chrome Extension

Do you ever get déjà vu from sending emails that feel similar to ones you’ve written before? Check out this Autofill extension for Chrome. You can save templates to quickly fill in almost any text box, from referrals in Infinite Campus, to messages in ParentSquare.

  1. Click on the “puzzle piece” icon at the top to access your Chrome Extensions. I recommend pinning it for quicker access in the future. Then click on the “lightning bolt” icon to access the Autofill extension.

  2. On the drop down menu, click on "Generate Rules." Do not click on any checkboxes at this time.

  3. Type the text template that you want to save for later, then on the “Unfiled” drop down menu, select “New…”

  4. Give your template a title for future reference.

  5. Click on “Generate Autofill Rules” and you’re done!

To use the template you just created:

6. Load the page that you want to autofill, right click on the Autofill logo and select it from the list of options next to “Execute Profile.”

7. Make any minor edits to the canned response as needed and click "Send" or "Submit."

Note: AutoFill is for teacher use only. Personal information about students, including their names, ID numbers, grades, etc., should not be included in your template. Add student-specific information only after you've pasted your template into Outlook or other approved platform.

Hopefully this tip can help save you a lot of time in the future. You can even use AI to generate templates for you, just make sure to proofread each time before sending.

Stay Techie,

Grant McCormick

Math Teacher

Central Valley High School

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