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Save Time by Browsing Better with Chrome Tab Groups!

Have you ever felt lost with having too many tabs open?! Looking for ideas or tips on how to search, read, and work efficiently?! Organize, customize, and maximize your time with Chrome Tab Groups -- a perfect way to save time by browsing better. A great tool for not only teachers and educators, but for students as well.

With Achieve the Core shifts in ELA, the key standards for K-12th grade students focus heavily on College Career and Readiness Anchor Standards in Writing--W.8: gather information, evaluate it, and integrate it.

Chrome Tab Groups can help your students when they learn this standard! It is a great technology tool that can be implemented in the classroom to allow students to develop the capacity to build knowledge on a subject through research and respond to sources, so I encourage you to explore it today!

Follow these steps below to keep it Chrome and simple:

1. Create

2. Name

3. Collapse

4. Reorder


Stay Techie,

Laura Young

Math Intervention Teacher

Walter White

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