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SafeYouTube for Safe Kids

I want to showcase a website today called SafeYouTube ( This tool allows you to take the URL for a YouTube video and put it in “safe” mode…meaning there will not be a video menu on the right hand side or comments that appear below the video. Additionally, this tool allows the user to crop the video to a set time frame.

I find it useful in my class because it allows me to eliminate annoying ads and comments that may not be appropriate for the classroom. Additionally, I can edit the video and use only the portion of the video clip. Check out this document on how to use the tool to edit videos: Screenshots of Video Editing Process.

Once you edit a video just the way you want it, you can save it and get the shareable link. This link can be shared in Google Classroom. You also have the option to get a link to embed the video into a Slideshow. The best part is it is free!

Stay Techie,

Michael Munoz

6th Grade Teacher

Virginia Parks Elementary School

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